We have to monitor large areas in order to manage the essential resources of planet earth. These large areas contain wildlife (e.g. elephants, lions, rhinos), livestock (e.g. cows, goats, sheep) and vegetation (e.g. crops, habitats, trees), which are all valuable for the earth’s ecosystem we live in.

For decades, people tried to monitor these large areas on foot, by car, by plane or by helicopter. However, most of these methods are labour-intensive, inefficient and unsafe for humankind. In order to monitor these areas, a new cost-efficient method is required to gather the necessary information of large areas. Dutch UAS has taken this challenge as a mission and helps customers manage their piece of land.

Dutch UAS has developed an Earth Observation Platform that turns raw sensor data of ground (camera traps), aerial (drones with cameras), and space sensors (satellites) into information the customer can act on. The Earth Observation Platform inherits computer vision and machine learning algorithms that turn sensor data into valuable information.

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