Dutch UAS dedicates its people, products, and resources to support initiatives and organizations dedicated to improving and saving animal lives, in specifically the rhino.

Rangers have to protect enormous wildlife reserves with limited manpower and resources. For instance, the Kruger National Park where most rhinos live is nearly 20.000 squared kilometers (which is about half the size of The Netherlands) in size and there are only approximately 500 rangers available to protect that area. Furthermore, wildlife parks have limited funds to protect these areas.

In order to secure a wildlife reserve, rangers require information on where the rhinos and potential threats are. Currently, rangers gather this information on foot by checking hotspots and tracking signs, which means they can only cover a limited area. So rangers lose a lot of time finding the rhinos and potential poachers. Time they rather use protecting the wildlife reserve. Therefore, these rangers require an information gathering tool so they can focus on protecting the park and secure the park more effectively.

We provide intelligent eyes in the sky that empower rangers to protect much more ground. These eyes out of the sky bring what is happening on the ground immediately to the rangers so that they can react at the right time.